As 2011 came to an end, it was apparent that the eastern seaboard nightclub scene was in dire need of some new life. Just as mainstream music has changed, it seemed that the days of a band jumping on stage and doing the “same old thing” were over. As the new entertainment season begins, every major buyer is asking, “How is this band different from the others?”

Enter Ultrafuze, the definitive fusion of popular music, performance, and musicianship. This five-piece supergroup is fronted by two incredibly dynamic vocalists and armed with an arsenal of world-class multi-instrumentalists, percussionists, and DJ electronics. The band’s song mix and sonic integrity rival the world’s most innovative corporate bands and DJs alike. Ultrafuze creates a unique stamp on all that they do, showcasing new music, sounds, and technologies throughout their performance while mixing and mashing up Top 40 hooks over classic riffs and dance club grooves. The experience is truly something that will appeal to the most critical audiences of all ages and demographics.In a market that is in desperate need of innovation, Ultrafuze is the ultimate fusion of DJ and live band, built to identify with and entertain the newly emerging twenty-something club goer.  107 Productions is now taking offers for the 2014 season.

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